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Mad House Rules

An Insane House M.D. Comic

House M.D. Panel Comics
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Mad House Rules: (Mad-Howss-Rooles) n. 1. A comic spin off of the hit television show, House M.D. 2. An undetermined amount of fangirlish urges compiled into many four or five-framed panels. 3. Including all of the characters of the show 'House M.D.' (see 'Ducklings and Co.') acting drastically apart from their canon selves. 4. The drawings of a certifiably insane comic artist. Really. She has a permit. 5. The ideas of two very obsessed fangirls.

New Posts: (We're still trying to figure out a plausible schedule, so basically it could be any day of the week)

The Cast:
Dr.s Gregory House, James Wilson, Robert Chase, Eric Foreman, Allison Cameron, and Lisa Cuddy.

The Creatists:
Fngrl.s Emily, Ariana, and both their muses.

Guest Stars:
(coming soon)

Art by: takitsaru
Written by: toxic_lady32

If we owned it, we'd be doing a lot more than just creating comics about it.